Ideas for DJ Ron and your wedding! 


The Shoe Game

The shoe game is a fun and hilarious game!  Create your own questions, or let the DJ decide! 

Click here to watch an example on youtube. 

At the beginning of the dance portion of the night, lets take a big group picture! two reasons... #1) This is the last time that every single person in the room will be with the same group of people.  #2)  Everyone is on the dance floor!  After the picture, OPEN DANCE FLOOR! 

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The Wedding Happy App is one of the best wedding tools I have personally used for my wedding.  It's a free app that helps you keep track of your money, and your checklist.  Simply download it for free, insert your wedding date, and it will automatically populate deadlines for everything wedding related.  You can mark them as complete, add, or take away certain tasks.  The app will automatically populate a percentage of complete tasks & give you a wedding count down by the day.  


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Wedding Beverage Calculator

Wedding Soda Bar

Wedding Coffee Bar

Save The Date Magnets - Save a little, and make the invitation the grand card!  either way, you know that the save the date is going to end up on the Refrigerator. Business cards are the absolute cheapest way.  Design to your satisfaction.  

Wedding Polaroid Sign In Guest Book

Open dance floor Group Photo

Another great way to keep the memories is to have everyone get on the dance floor for a big group photo.  We take this picture right before we open the dance floor for dancing.  By doing this, everyone is already on the dance floor,  and we start off the night with a high energy song! 

Bouquet & Garter

I will always ensure that the bride has both the (throw bouquet) and the garter accessible and ready before I make the announcement. I always recommend the groom to attach some cash to the garter, along with a heavy object such as a football, baseball, or something similar.  The reason why I suggest cash is because %95 of the time, men are not eager to catch the garter.  The groom throws the garter as it travels three feet behind him and none of the men want to go get it.  Men will jump and fight for the cash.  This makes great pictures!  Even if you show all of them a $100 bill and then slip it in your pocket after you turn back around right before you toss it behind you. 

If you don't have an idea for the bouquet or garter music, I have a (DJ's Pick) option where you leave it up to me to have fun with it.  I can explain this to you later.  

Dollar / Money / Honeymoon fund Dance

Let's face just spent months penny pinching, finding the best deals, which still cost a fortune, and you are about to go on a honeymoon getaway.  It would be nice to have spending money on the vacation.  I can announce this as the "Dollar Dance", or any which way you prefer, and I will play three or four songs for the bride and groom to dance with the guests that would like to contribute.  This makes for great pictures, and if you are the competitive type, we can even have a (groom's bowl) and a (Bride's bowl) and see who won at the very end.  I can announce this as a friendly competition or even let the audience know that the winner, whoever receives the most money, gets the remote control to the TV for the first year.