Select one or two timelines to look off of if you would like to make your own timeline.  The broadway events unlimited wedding planner can be your primary timeline, or a good timeline to look off of so that you answer all of the necessary questions that help the night run smooth.  list any family traditions or special things that you would like to do.  

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Look at this as an order of events, or an agenda.  Do not focus so much on the time.  some wedding venue planners dont even have times for each event on their timeline.  they have a start time and an end time.  however you want your timeline to look, DJ ron will keep you track and check in with you, and the important vendors, before any announcements or events start.  

answer the "5 w's" who, what, where, when, why.  You can leave out the why on your timeline.  


6pm - father daughter dance - Mary dancing with her father john.  Song: ______________. 

following - Mother Son Dance - Jason dancing with his mother jan.  Song:_______________.

DJ: "please start the song after the long intro" around 20 seconds

following- ...

8pm open dance floor

cake cutting - Song:________________ Song:_______________

Bouquet & garter Song:   ________DJ's pick for both______

***you can add small notes in your timeline such as this below***

**DJ locates mother of the bride to ensure the  brides belongings are loaded up into the going away vehicle. 

9:45pm last song for guests

DJ announces all of the guests to make their way to the exit doors in two single file lines with sparklers.

9:50 bride and grooms last dance "private dance" song:_______________