The attached playlists do not necessarily reflect a standard wedding, or music selection on behalf of the DJ.  Some of these weddings had special themes, meanings, introductions, announcements, silly shout outs, "inside" jokes, practical joke dance music, which was transitioned, or similar to these mentioned.  we customize and cater to each and every event to make it a personalized success!  

<<Josee records, Fun Run Carnival, Rory & Lindsey, Abby's Gift, Amy & Dean, Carla garcia, High-Tech, Kelly & Nelson, Stephanie & Matt, Erin & Taylor, Paige's Wedding, Carissa & James, Brandon & Kelly Leslie & Kurt, Kerri's Wedding, Old Country, Other Dance, Motown, Country Dance, Chill Beginning of the night, Polka, Top Country, Ronnie & Brittany's Reception & Dance >>

If this still seems Overwhelming, I have had a few brides send past playlists to me by email where they simply drew a line through the songs they did not want.  They told me to play the songs that were not crossed out, and similar to those that were on the playlist. 

Guest Arrival   <<< Click on it!

 Have you ever been to a wedding ceremony and you are not sure what the appropriate mood is?  You can customize this list with your favorite easy listening songs from your high school or college days, or simply tell us to play a certain genre; light string wedding quartet, instrumental piano,  wedding guitars.  We can customize your guest arrival playlists with specific love ballads that you select, or we can go off of a certain mood or feel that you wish to set.  you call the shots, and we make it easy.  


The ceremony is the most important part of a wedding.  make it sentimental and meaningful.  these special songs are specifically chosen by you.  when you find a specific version of a song, and easy way to let us know the exact version is to send the youtube link by email or text message.  if it is a standard song, simply list the title and song artist on your timeline and we will play the original version. 


Here is where the fun begins.  you are now transitioning from a sentimental and spiritual moment to a party...and you don't want it to be abrupt!  we make this part seamless and enjoyable for all of the guests.  music creates atmosphere.  a simple list of specific artists or favorite songs can make your guests enjoy the transition.  

When selecting the transition/dinner playlist songs ask yourself these questions...

1) is this song something people might start dancing to?  If the answer is yes, save it for later

2) Is this song too slow for background mingling music? Is it something I may fall asleep to? If the answer is yes, you may want to skip over that song.  

Just remember, nobody is going to judge your wedding based on the cocktail/dinner playlist.  these are songs that catch peoples attention as good listening.  The purpose of this playlist is to bring the energy of the guests up one more notch leading up to the dancing music.  most songs can be listed with the beats per minute "BPM"  from slowest to fastest.  if that does not make sense to you, leave the work to us.  After all, you are paying us to do the work. 


Dinner Playlists

as mentioned above, throughout the night, we increase the energy of the crowd.  with the music and the announcements, near the end of the dinner playlist we want to catch people tapping their foot to the beat, and lip singing to some of these popular songs. this body language tells us that they are enjoying the night and are ready to dance. 

Grand Introduction

the grand introduction can be  one of your favorite songs to come out out, or you can customize this part of the night however you wish.  come out in pairs in the order that you came down the isle from the ceremony.  people commonly like to announce first names only for this introduction.  we can do last names as well if you wish.  on your timeline dont forget to list the first names of how you want the dJ to announce them.  

Instrumental songs are sometimes the best songs.  music with lyrics clash with the announcement of the names and naturally people have a hard time hearing.  imagine if you were at a rockets Basketball game or watching dancing with the stars.  when you listen to the introduction song, imagine how their names will sound with the song in the background.  If your intro song has lyrics, that is absolutely okay.  dont stress!  we will lower the volume of the music when we announce the name and then we will increase it as they do their special dance with their cool sunglasses...that is...if they have either or both.  

Dont worry, you are not required to dance to the full song.  pick which ever song that you would enjoy dancing to.  most people make this the most stressful song to select.   if you have a favorite song to dance to with one another, that is great!  if not, dont stress, years from now you will be asking "what was that song we danced to for our first dance?"

let us know how many seconds into the song you would like to start...if its necessary. otherwise, we will start it from the beginning.  whenever you are ready to end your dance, simply look at the DJ, smile, and give a little nod.  we will discretely fade the music and professionally move on with the festivities. 

Father Daughter

This is a song from you to your dad, or vice versa.  you may select to have the DJ record an audio message that can be played during your song, or right before the song. "dear dad, you will always be the dearest to my heart.  as a seed is planted and rooted into the ground, you have been there since day one and you have always been there for me no matter what.  you have been my sunlight and helped me grow through all of life's struggles. a new man has stollen my heart as my new love.  I know he will protect and provide for me, but never take your place.  you will always be my first love, and i will always be your delicate flower"


Mother Son

We can do the same voice recorded message from the groom to the son if you desire.  the only thing we as is that we get these messages at least two weeks in advance. 

Cake Cutting

This is non-traditional, but we love to customize weddings to the bride and groom.  this can be an out of the ordinary song that you both absolutely love, or a simple classic such as sugar, sugar  or build me up buttercup.  two songs seem to do the trick for this event. 

Bouquet & Garter

I have a special program for the bouquet and garter toss.  i can explain this to you in person.  every single wedding we go to these days only has one song played for each person.  i like to do this rodeo style, and i dont mean country.  i play about four songs for the bouquet and four songs for the garter.  two while i am hyping the crowd and calling the singles onto the dance floor, the third is for the actual throw, and then the fourth is for the excitement of catching the item and calling the winner to the center of the dance floor with the bride and groom.  

Anniversary Dance

I absolutely love doing this event!  you don't have to do it, but the way it goes, is that either you or i pick a song that is at least three minutes long.  "i'm carrying your love with me, remember when, or event Something a little more light such as waiting on a woman"     whichever song you pick, i will call out all of the married couples to the dance floor and eliminate them by years of marriage.  we will end up with the couple who has been married for the most years. we will immediately give them a live 15 second interview with only one question to answer ... "can you give one piece of advice to the bride and groom on how to stay married this long?"   -great pictures -great comments -and they normally say something very funny.  

Last Dance

this is newer in the wedding industry.  we afford you the opportunity to have either an all inclusive last dance with your guests, or a private last dance with only you two in the room.  sometimes its nice to have three minutes at the very end of the night with only you two on the floor with your photographer.  if you are Truly ready to go, you can have the photographer take that photo of you tow dancing and then leave for the grand departure. 

Common Dance Playlists

i customize this playlist to you!  that does not mean you have to pick each and every song.  

if you would like to mention two or three genres of music and leave it at that, that is sufficient for us!  if you want to make a list of "do not plays" and a list of 5 or 10 "must plays"  we highly Recommend this!  

over the past ten years, i have worked with a variety of styles and personalities.  if you are a very meticulous person with your dance music, and you wish to pick every song and none other, we can work with that.  simply pick 20 to 30 of your favorite dance songs... 

                                                 **while keeping your guests in mind**

...and we will only play music from that list.  dont worry...if you wish to change your mind the night of, and you tell us to play anything to keep everyone on the dance floor, we can definitely keep the dance floor full!

These following songs are a few that i have personally seen %90 of every wedding absolutely love.  some of these might be on your "do play list" or on your "do not play" list. 

sweet caroline, cha cha slide, cupid shuffle, timber-kesha, copperhead road, footlose, stanky leg, running man, Tennessee whiskey, remember when, 24k magic, some bruno mars, ed sheeran, drake, george straight, cody johnson, KC & the sunshine gang, michael jackson these are just a few to give an idea of what the majority wedding crowd will react to.